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For publishers who want to increase revenue from content recommendation

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WhizzCo vendors

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WhizzCo vendors

We believe that an open market, is a healthy market. Our mission is to help you get the best results from your existing and new content recommendation vendors. A vendor-neutral technology provider empowering publishers to optimize their yield, WhizzCo's services are enabled for over 40 of the world's leading content recommendation vendors.

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Smart implementation with a single line of code

Our content recommendation widget can be implemented with a single line of code. It is easy to implement, flexible, and customizable. Our implementation team will have you up and running in a few days.

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Earn more with native video ads

WhizzCo’s instream video delivers quality ads with outstanding fill rates and CPMs, served by multiple, competing video ad providers. Plus, since WhizzCo is a certified Google MCM Partner, you can enjoy preferred rates via Google AdX.

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40+ Providers

WhizzCo supports 40+ native content and video ad providers in over 150 geos and across all devices through one unified monetization platform.

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300+ Billion optimized

WhizzCo's machine learning yield engine optimized already more than 50 billion impressions. We empower publishers to work with the best content recommendation partners of their choice.

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