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4 ways to raise multi-domain native ad revenue

Monetizing multiple domains with Whizzco

Managing a well-crafted native ad program for one domain is no small order – doing so for multiple domains is an almost superhuman task. One needs to stay on top of dozens of moving parts to reach the best results.

We get it. We have helped hundreds of high-traffic publishers lift their CPMs, learning every step of the way. Below find our four easy steps for AdOps pros – in-house or agency – to raise their native ad yield when managing multiple domains.

1. Test-drive new vendors

Your current vendors are delivering consistently? That’s terrific…but how do you know you can’t do better? Easy. Test-drive select vendors in a risk-free way. Your current vendor doesn’t even have to know.

Your vendors are NOT delivering on some or even all of your sites? Well, that’s okay too. In that case, test-drive several more vendors in parallel, and compare the results.

While traditionally this could mean a tedious manual process, ad vendors can be added, tested, and replaced with ease on the vendor-agnostic WhizzCo platform. With standardized KPIs and reporting across the vendors, comparisons are truly apples-to-apples. After a few weeks of testing, you’ll see which ones are your winners.

2. Open your traffic to healthy (and lucrative) competition

After you test the vendors, let the top performers continue to compete for your traffic. According to our data, no content recommendation vendor consistently outperforms all the others, so it’s always worth throwing several different ad vendors into the mix.

Of course, what works for the goose may not fit the gander. You don’t need to use the same vendors on each domain. There are about 40 existing native ad vendors out there (and on the WhizzCo platform). Select which vendors you wish to compete for traffic for each of the websites you manage.

Native ad results from multiple domains

3. Add native video ads into the mix

If you haven’t already, adding video into your native admix can boost revenue nicely. CPMs tend to be high since advertisers pay per view not click. You can easily integrate, test, and compare high-performing vendors like Playbuzz, Premis, and Aniview using the WhizzCo platform. Again, testing across your domains is important – do not expect that the best performers on one site will win on another.

4. Measure. Optimize. Repeat.

Constantly question how you can do better…the answers are in your data.

The biggest challenge when working with multiple domains and multiple vendors is compiling your data in a consistent way, in one place so you can make the best-informed decisions. Instead of pulling data from multiple sources, manage all your domains and vendors from a single platform, like WhizzCo.

Adops multi-site dashboard

On WhizzCo the intuitive dynamic dashboard can give you both big picture results and super-specific detail. You decide who has access to your information. For example, if you are managing monetization for ten websites, you can have access to all the results, individual and combined, but each site owner’s dashboard may be limited to their site only.

The real secret to optimizing results when you are working with multiple vendors and multiple sites? The same secret applies to most challenges that are unnecessarily complicated. Keep it simple.



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