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Case Study: From $1 to $3.61 eCPM within 2 months

Publisher increases eCPM with content recommendation

Eager to raise eCPMs from native advertising, this health and wellness news publisher began monetizing their domain with WhizzCo.

Previously, the publisher used three different native advertising vendors, each for different widgets on the domain, and needed to access multiple platforms to collect, consolidate and analyze results. 


The website had a paginated layout serving evergreen content to carefully sourced, engaged users. The publisher’s goal was to raise eCPMs by introducing competition and thus grow ROI from arbitrage without adding further advertising widgets or changing the layout. 

The WhizzCo platform shows results across vendors, geos, and widgets for full transparency


Dramatic eCPM growth

Via the WhizzCo dashboard, the publisher selected multiple ad providers to simultaneously compete for all native placements. Starting from a $1 average eCPM, the publisher experienced an immediate increase in bids for placements, resulting in a 260% CPM lift within weeks. 

Multiple providers – single dashboard

Following years of juggling data, measurements, and KPIs from three different native ad providers, the publisher enjoyed the efficiency of all their ad monetization data presented on one unified dashboard. The different vendors could be compared with ease – apples to apples – using standardized measurements and KPIs on WhizzCo’s intuitive platform. 

Choosing the right vendors

The publisher chose to work with ten of WhizzCo’s connected native ad vendors on all of their native ad placement. After a few weeks, they reviewed the clearly presented data and realized that one of the tier-1 providers consistently and dramatically underperformed. They removed that provider from their stack and replaced them with a better-performing vendor. 

True competition – as it should be!

Instead of paying a standard price for the impressions, the vendors offered competitive bids, and in fact, raised their bids to best compete. This, in turn, meant that the publisher was paid according to the true value of their traffic, not according to a preset agreement.  

Revenue generated by different native vendors from April to August 2021

Bottom line

This publisher nearly quadrupled their CPM just by opening up their widgets to multiple, competing native ad providers and leveraging WhizzCo’s expert mediation.

The publisher was both relieved and pleased that they could raise revenues dramatically without changing their layout. 




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