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How this DIY content publisher raised CPMs by 40% with native video

This “do it yourself” themed publisher drives engaged users to their sites via Facebook.
Before joining WhizzCo in 2018, the publisher worked exclusively with a single top-tier content rec vendor, and ran two content recommendation widgets on each of their pages. They were interested in exploring other monetization options, including native video widgets.


The publisher sought to raise their native ad revenue and improve revenue stability during seasonal dips.

Starting with five of their DIY/lifestyle domains on the WhizzCo platform, the publisher was open to adding competing content rec vendors and incorporating native video.


$3.5+ CPM for native video

The publisher enriched their content offering with native video widgets served by competing native video vendors. It was an easy decision to make; publishers get paid per (video) views, instead of clicks.

Overall, by 2021 the publisher reached and exceeded $1 million in ad revenue earned with WhizzCo.

case study video performance

— CPM bids by video-ad vendor —


40% rise in content recommendation CPMs

Initially, the publisher chose to work with 4 content recommendation providers simultaneously and gradually added seven more in the first 12 months on the WhizzCo platform.

CPM bids by vendor

— CPM bids by content recommendation vendor —


Full control and transparency

Beyond WhizzCo’s neural network-based predictive technology, which ensured the dramatic increase in CPM and revenue, the WhizzCo platform put control back in the publisher’s hands. The dashboard gave a clear picture of how their domains were performing, which vendor, geo, the device performed best and worst – and enabled them to adjust their strategy accordingly.

Bottom line

The publisher raised their CPM by 40% since they began working with WhizzCo.

Thanks to the multi-vendor setup and their new video widgets their overall income with WhizzCo hit $1 million in 2021. Currently, they enjoy an average video CPM of $3.5.





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