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“I knew there had to be a better way to market content”


MartechSeries interviewed Alon Rosenthal, WhizzCo CEO & Founder at WhizzCo about how content recommendation engines can play a big role in driving publisher and end-user interests and more: 

What was the inspiration behind setting up WhizzCo’s content recommendation platform?

A few years ago, I was looking to generate maximum revenue from content recommendation (CR) ads for my websites. I had worked with a range of content and advertising technology companies for over ten years, and am a big believer in digital content marketing. I knew there had to be a better way to market content using tech. Specifically, I didn’t understand why CR vendors couldn’t bid for my impressions like vendors for the rest of my ad opportunities – via programmatic, real-time auctions.

Though most of the digital ecosystem had migrated to open and real-time bidding for user impressions, CR was stuck in the early 2000s with most publishers locked into exclusive vendor contracts.

Unfortunately, not much has changed since we founded WhizzCo in 2018.

Publishers are still losing significant revenue because exclusive contracts create an uncompetitive environment.

Marketers also lose in the current market structure. Because most publisher traffic is via exclusive contracts, marketers are forced to have relationships with all 40 CR vendors if they want access to all content recommendation opportunities.

WhizzCo is opening up the content recommendation market by enabling publishers to work with as many CR vendors as they want. Our technology analyzes geolocation, device, site, widget layout and location, and historical performance, selecting the content recommendation vendor with the highest predicted CPM and serves its ad to the user.

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