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Predictive tech to serve best-performing recommendations

MediaPost, August 2, 2021 – WhizzCo on Monday officially launches the Content Recommendation Yield Optimization Platform for publishers that enables them to work with multiple content recommendation engines like Outbrain simultaneously through an intuitive dashboard.

The predictive artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm supported by a machine-learning neural network predicts the CPM for each individual content recommendation vendor that serves impressions.

Ryan Nathanson, senior vice president at SHE Media, part of the Penske Media Corporation (PMC), believes that creating competition, facilitating user personalization, and providing tighter editorial control for on-page content recommendations has been a challenge that WhizzCo resolves.

He said the prediction technology created a competitive content recommendation ecosystem for SHE Media Partner Network, with publishers gaining 75% increase in content recommendation CPM and an overall better user experience for editorial teams and visitors.

SHE Media wasn’t the first company to test the feature, but rather larger unnamed publisher and part of a group — Penske Media Corporation.

Publishers today serve users from around the world across desktop, mobile, and tablets running different operating systems. One content recommendation vendor may do better one week, but not the next. No content recommendation vendor is always best across all geographies, devices, OSs, and content verticals.

In addition to Outbrain, WhizzCo supports all content recommendation vendors such as RevContent, ContentAd, NewsMax, Lockerdome, and nearly all of the 40 or so vendors worldwide.

WhizzCo’s updated platform, the first version announced in May 2018, considers geolocation, device, site, widget layout and location, and historical performance to select the publisher network with the highest predicted CPM among all 40 content recommendations providers before serving ads to users.

The first version of this platform was announced in May 2018, but the company never formally announced the platform, which has been in “stealth mode” since.

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