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Optimizing For Faster, More Relevant Ad Matches Based On Recommendations

MediaPost article - WhizzCo optimization

Laurie Sullivan of MediaPost writes about the importance of continual optimization in the native ad space, in the absence of programmatic bidding. This is critical as content recommendation ads do not offer real-time programmatic bidding, like most forms of digital advertising. The ad serving is at the discretion of the content recommendation vendor.

Optimization is not just about the highest CPM, but rather, serving the most appropriate ad. WhizzCo is vendor-agnostic. The publisher can work with as many content-recommendation vendors as they choose to generate the highest ad revenue from among all possible ads.

“While there are more than 40 content recommendation vendors, they all won’t have the best or highest paying advertisers for publishers in every category all of the time.  That’s kind of like expecting your local produce stand to have amazing avocados and strawberries for sale every single day,” Yuval Nahum, VP Product at WhizzCo explained. While all would love to receive the best produce daily, it is more likely that some days they won’t, and the neighboring stand — which may source from different places — will he wrote.

Read the full article on MediaPost here.


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