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WhizzCo dashboard

WhizzCo AI Algorithm is a Machine Learning Neural Network that predicts the CPM for various content recommendation vendors for each served impression.

The Neural Network considers various touchpoints such as specific Geo, Device, Website, Widget Layout, and Widget location, including past data per website as well as horizontally across networks.

Based on big data our Algorithm will select in real-time the vendor with the highest probability to produce the highest CPM for a specific impression.

It's important to mention that our SAAS platform does not collect personal user data, which means that we do not have to rely on users' cookies.

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WhizzCo dashboard


Decide how many ad providers you want to compete in each widget. On each widget, you can have different formulas of providers, or just copy-paste other widgets and implement them in more placements on your site.


On our platform, you can find every piece of information you need, on each provider, Impressions, Clicks, Device, CTR, Geo, and many more!


We offer a self-managed platform, it’s your choice to optimize manually or let our proven machine learning algorithm do the magic.

Main features


Control which ad tags to show on specific pages and segment your audience with prioritized rules.


Slice and dice real-time data by Geo, ad provider, sub ID, and much more to find buried insights.

Data privacy

Your data is yours--period. We'll never share your information or leverage it for unauthorized purposes.

Unified solution

Manage ad tags for multiple providers across multiple sites, all in one place. Add as many as you'd like!

Connect providers

WhizzCo works with virtually every recommended content ad provider, even small and new players.

Device detection

Optimize content distinctly for visitors on desktop, mobile, or tablet.

Verification tools

Verify click and impression counts with WhizzCo detailed and accurate reporting to keep your providers sharp.

Rotate tags

Rotate ad tags from multiple recommended content ad providers without changing your code.

Machine learning

WhizzCo can identify complex data patterns to intelligently select the ad tag most likely to perform best.