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Responsibility For Ad Quality Differs Depending On Who You Ask

To better understand the problems facing publishers around ad quality in content recommendation WhizzCo partnered with GeoEdge to survey high-traffic publishers. The results were recently published by MediaPost.

The findings from the study highlight how publishers address challenges of quality content recommendation and the strategies being used to solve the challenges.

For example, to increase time spent on site and promote greater user engagement, 65% of the surveyed publishers include content recirculation of their original content in the content-recommendation units.

This means that one of the four or six links in the content-recommendation ad unit will lead to an article from that publisher. Content recirculation — where publishers offer links to their own content — is a common and effective tactic in increasing time spent on site, according to the data. Other tactics used by surveyed publishers to increase onsite engagement include adding polls at 29%, and trivia at 13%.

Also noteworthy, although 47% of publishers hold content-recommendation vendors most responsible for ad quality, publishers’ ad ops teams still need to address the issue. Fifty-three percent of publishers responding to the survey said their ad ops teams have to address any issues related to poor ad quality from users.

You can read the full article by Laurie Sullivan in MediaPost here.

You can read and download the full report here:

Download WhizzCo Survey

If you are interested in reviewing the original online survey, see it here.




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