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Publishers endorse WhizzCo performance and tech

WhizzCo Publisher Reviews

Publisher Reviews on WhizzCo’s performance, tech and service:

Akhil Gahlawat,

“We’ve come to the end of yet another great FY we had with WhizzCo as our partners for monetizing web content. I just wanted to take a moment and express my sincere gratitude on behalf of Dynamite Digital Media for all that you and your team has done over the past couple of years for our site. 

WhizzCo Testimonial

We’ve used many other partners for monetizing below article rail units, but WhizzCo has so far exceeded the overall CPMs and engagement compared to everyone else we’ve used exclusively.

The performance we’ve seen in Q4 from WhizzCo’s under article rail has been by far the best we’ve seen over the last 6 years as a business.

Further, your team has always been on standby 24X7 for any integration or other issues that arose which needed immediate attention, for which we are truly grateful. 

Thank you once again for having round the clock optimizations on our sites and for giving us the best CPMs in the industry. We look forward to another great fiscal with WhizzCo!


Andy, /

“I have been a WhizzCo publisher now for almost 2 years and in the content marketing space now for over 6 years. As a company we have worked with every major native advertising platform there is before meeting Gal and the WhizzCo team. WhizzCo not only improved our performance tremendously but was also there for us to share ideas on how to improve our websites to increase traffic and usability. Gal became a friend and someone I bounce ideas with back and forth pretty much every week. Thanks a lot and lets make next year even more successful.”


John Pan,

“We’ve been working with Whizzo for the last year and initially was skeptical about performance improvement since we had a good display ad and native ad stack already. We gave them a 7 day period to test out.

WhizzCo Testimonial

Over that period we had some minor technical difficulties which got sorted out but most importantly we saw a rise in our native ad stack of 25% over our current performance so that was definitely a pleasant surprise.

Now we continue working with them and added more widgets to maximize our performance further. We’re glad we gave them the chance to improve our ecpms.”


Valerie Weldon, Liftable Media 

“WhizzCo has offered a unique solution for diversifying the user experience for content recommendation. The team is a pleasure to work with and performance is strong.”


Ivan Petricevic,

“I have been working with WhizzCo for several years, and as someone who has been in the content-production genre for over a decade, I can only send praises their way.

Why? For more reasons than one, actually. Not only has their platform helped my company generate additional revenue, which in turn has helped us grow as a company, but their algorithms excel in comparison to other similar algorithms.

Their intuitive platform makes monetizing our content a piece of cake, and they offer more ways than one to do this. 

Having worked with other companies throughout the years, I must mention that WhizzCo DOES care. But what do I mean by that? Well, from support down to a happy holidays wish, WhizzCo’s approach to their clients is unique and personalized. WhizzCo has been part of my websites for several years, and this long-running relationship speaks for itself.

WhizzCo is a fantastic group of people who have changed how I look at the relationship between Advertisers and Publishers.”

Thank you to our publishers who provided these reviews! 


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