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The Story of Success: How SHE Media (PMC) Nearly Doubled Their Revenue in a Couple of Weeks

The Story of Success: How SHE Media (PMC) Nearly Doubled Their Revenue in a Couple of Weeks

Trying to break out of the sponsored content monopoly is often seen as a risk better not taken. However, SHE Media took their chances with revolutionary technology and came out with almost double the profit.
Leaving old tradition behind

Just as many other ad revenue-driven companies, SHE Media turned to the biggest content recommendation providers that dominate this industry: Names such as Taboola, Outbrain, RevContent, to name a few. However, large publishers with tried-and-true methods are usually reluctant to change their winning formula, even when something better is within the grasp.

A big change has been looming over the content recommendation industry: yield optimization between different providers. Sensing the benefits of adapting, the group behind SHE Media decided to try their luck. For the question of how to increase revenue for a content publisher, they sought the answer with us.

SHE Media’s quest before Whizzco

Like most of the digital media publishers, over the years SHE Media aspired towards the highest possible CPM for every impression earned through their hard work and creative content. Being experts at analyzing the shifting current of the digital market, they noticed that, in order to maximize revenue, you had to diversify your sources and maintain stable competition.

The issue with this? The old system has been incompatible with multiple providers. They have juggled between the four vendors of their choice, but have been severely limited by the fact that they had to stick with one for the whole period. All kinds of initiatives have been undertaken in order to optimize traffic and income: they had rotated content from the four providers; had test runs of widgets in various sizes, styles, and page locations; all the way to recirculation units.

Whizzco’s solution

It was at this time that SHE Media found Whizzco and obtained its revolutionary content recommendation unit idea. As they leveraged our optimization algorithm, a competitive streamlining process had begun maximizing their earnings. All the content providers had their place, now on the same page, allocated by the software formula according to impression, location, a device used, and a diverse number of other criteria.

They vested trust and resources in this solution. And it had quickly started brewing.

A few weeks later

Fast forward a couple of weeks of high hopes, anticipation, and anxiousness for results as the numbers steadily increased. At the end of the test run of a revolutionary solution, the results were tangible.

Whizzco’s AI software optimization algorithm optimized performance streamlined the localized market and created a healthy competitive ecosystem for the vendors that had previously been manually rotated, one by one. It was a jump from a one-dimensional point to a competitive domain.

The numbers that show the revenue had soared and maintained a steady increase of 75%. On top of that, they had got rid of the monopoly of one provider for their content recommendation real estate. The SHE Media team now has more flexibility when it comes to increasing RPMs on the page. Not to mention that the user experience has seen unprecedented improvement.


Trying Whizzco was not an easy choice; it was an ambitious bet. Whizzco does not rely on tested methods, it revolutionizes concepts. By opening up the content recommendation real estate to competition, monetizing page location, and differentiating types of offers, Whizzco gives more reign over the industry to its clients. Striking a perfect balance between performance and user experience for maximum income means improving on all basic marketing concepts.

SHE Media unit is efficient, their team pleased with the optimized RPMs–and we are happy to have provided a good service to another satisfied client. Good luck to SHE Media in all their endeavors, and we hope they remain as successful as they are now.