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The end of the content monopoly

When content recommendation tools were first introduced to publishers, they were all the rage – and with good reason. Being able to target your audience with a sophisticated algorithm to get them to consume even more content is truly a win-win for everyone involved.

Although revenue from content increased greatly for publishers of all sizes, there was, and still is, a flaw. Publishers have access to more content but from only one content provider. Various challenges occur from being limited such as a single source of analytics, unreliable geo-targeting, and niche audiences. Most importantly, this means that publishers are limited not only to content but also to the number of ads they can serve from each vendor. If these tools are meant to maximize monetization, why should ads be limited by just one content provider?

Whizzco is the first yield optimization platform that opens the content recommendation market to make it more competitive. With different bidders, your traffic will receive higher CPMs and increased revenue. Our AI optimization algorithms allow publishers to maximize profits by incorporating all content networks into one unified platform.

Fill Rate

When it comes to fill rate – you need to be in control. The intelligent Whizzco system allocates the right inventory to the right content provider, in most cases to the highest bidder per device, geo, and other various factors. This results in a 100% fill rate that ensures your understanding of inventory utilization and validates market demand. At Whizzco, we proudly deliver a 100% fill rate for all geographic locations and devices.

Seamless Integration

So how do we ensure such precision on an open content recommendation platform? Our intelligent technology uses AI to integrate all of your content networks on one single platform. Publishers can easily manage all content advertising and maximize profits.

User-Friendly Interface

Let’s face it – we’re here for you so you can be there for your customers. Our user-friendly interface is a unified dashboard that allows you to keep up with market quality standards, to avoid fraud, and to manage all your content flawlessly. We thought of everything from the color scheme to a built-in quality filter that will make a content recommendation platform not only profitable but enjoyable too!

It’s all about the data!

Progress is nothing if you can’t track it. Our Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are designed to give you accurate, up-to-date reports on all your integrated content networks. The Whizzco analytics tools allow you to track conversion rates, sales volumes, and efficiency. Our reports come with insights on how to better improve monetization through content recommendation.

Oh, the revenue!

Many of our customers have reported revenue increase up to almost 40% within the first few weeks of using Whizzco. By unlimited content sources, customers are instantly more engaged, and more ads are served. In order to experience this kind of revenue increase, publishers must allow for all types of content to flow through with no restrictions or limitations.

Join Whizzco’s publishers worldwide

Whizzco is a truly revolutionary tool that opens your website to endless opportunities. Whizzco provides a powerful, flexible solution designed to maximize your content revenue by combining network mediation, ad serving, and AI optimization. We empower publishers to take the content recommendation to new levels; to open their opportunities and proper competition among all vendors.