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Using Predictive Technology WhizzCo Serves the Best-Performing Native Ads

Using WhizzCo’s technology, data shows that publishers can grow revenue by $1.15 Billion in 2021 in the $3 Billion content recommendation market

With publishers facing a range of revenue-related challenges in 2021, WhizzCo’s predictive algorithms determine which vendor will deliver the content recommendation ad with the greatest yield for each publisher

Ramat Gan, Israel, August 2, 2021 – With Apple terminating IDFA now and Google ending third-party cookie support in the coming years, academic research finds that publishers receive 52% less revenue from users who have opted out of online behavioral advertising, creating serious revenue challenges for publishers.

Programmatic advertising, which accounts for 85% of digital ad spend according to IPONWEB, opened up most of the digital advertising market and has increased publisher revenue. Despite the value of programmatic advertising, publishers still cannot sell content recommendation ad placements via programmatic exchanges.

Furthermore, larger publishers are often locked into rigid and exclusive content recommendation contracts with guaranteed deals with the larger vendors while smaller publishers are offered deals based on post-click rates, both outside of programmatic exchanges.

To address publisher content recommendation challenges while providing marketers with more opportunities, WhizzCo developed predictive technologies which enable publishers to overcome the lack of real-time programmatic bidding in content recommendation.

WhizzCo’s predictive AI algorithm is a machine learning neural network that predicts the CPM for each content recommendation vendor for served impressions. Considering geolocation, device, site, widget layout and location, and historical performance, the algorithm selects the network with the highest predicted CPM among all 40 content recommendation providers and serves its ad to the user.

Supported by the company’s predictive technology, WhizzCo’s Content Recommendation Yield Optimization Platform for publishers is unlocking the content recommendation space to true competition and providing full transparency via an intuitive, unified dashboard.

WhizzCo is enabling publishers to work with multiple vendors simultaneously for the first time, empowering publishers to optimize yield, raising revenue by 37.7% from content recommendation. This facilitates an increase of $1.15 Billion in publisher revenue in 2021.

With a single integration to the WhizzCo platform, publishers choose which providers may serve ads on their content recommendation widgets. WhizzCo facilitates working with these different providers to ensure that performance is optimal. The company offers managed, self-managed and hybrid solutions, allowing publishers to use WhizzCo’s algorithm to optimize or to self-optimize manually using the rich data available on the platform, for certain pages or sections.

“Creating competition, facilitating user personalization, and providing tighter editorial control over on-page content recommendation has been a challenge which WhizzCo is resolving for our publishers,” said Ryan Nathanson, SVP at SHE Media, part of the Penske Media Corporation (PMC). “WhizzCo’s predictive technology creates a competitive content recommendation ecosystem for our SHE Media Partner Network publishers resulting in a 75% increase in content recommendation CPM and an overall better user experience for editorial teams and visitors.”

“Until a few years ago, when content recommendation accounted for just 5% of publisher ad revenue, the fact that this was the only major segment of digital marketing outside of programmatic exchanges was less of an issue,” commented Alon Rosenthal, WhizzCo CEO. “Now that content recommendation delivers a growing share of the ad revenue pie – about 25% for many online publishers – the lack of transparent competition has become an increasingly sore issue.”

Before WhizzCo, even publishers who worked with one content recommendation provider for a month and then with a competitor the following month found it impossible to make apples-to-apples comparisons because each provider presents its performance differently and no two months have identical conditions. Now, with WhizzCo, publishers may accurately measure, compare and analyze provider performance across pages, positions, devices, geos, ad units, and more.

About WhizzCo
WhizzCo is transforming the native content recommendation space into a transparent, fair, and competitive ecosystem. By opening publisher inventory to multiple, competing vendors, WhizzCo empowers publishers to harness the best each has to offer with just one integration, thus raising content recommendation revenue by about 37.7%. The company’s proprietary technology, a machine learning neural network, predicts the CPM from the 40 content recommendation vendors worldwide, considering geolocation, device, site, widget location, and more, and then serves the ad with the highest predicted CPM. Performance is clearly demonstrated on WhizzCo’s unified and intuitive dashboard. For more information, please visit:

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