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Want to move from AdSense to AdX? Here’s how…

adx vs adsense

Google AdX and AdSense are the two true cornerstones of our digital advertising world. AdSense – the handy basic model of ad networks, the Volkswagen of providers; good, trustworthy, and easy to use. Nothing fancy about it.

Google’s AdExchange (AdX) is a whole different genre. More Tesla than anything else – fast, with several extra capabilities, and definitely a premium model.

Why premium? Google AdX is serving premium demand – to premium placements.
But if your monthly pageviews are below 5 million, forget about your streamlined, self-driving experience. Forget about the brand-name advertisers, the quality demand coming from AdX, and multiple other sources. Without AdX, forget about private auctions, preferred deals, and a variety of auction types.

AdSense will be happy to serve you.

Open sesame

There is, however, a back entrance to this cave of treasures. Certified MCM partners like WhizzCo can include many different domains in their AdX networks. Mind you, every new domain is checked by AdX – but if approved, even smaller publishers can take advantage of the AdX riches.

How come? When a smaller domain joins a Google MCM partner’s network – they become part of a larger body of websites. The more traffic a network of domains has, the higher their CPMs will be.

I have my own AdX account already – how can I improve my results?

Having one’s own AdX account is of course great. Even better than having one’s own account is joining an even larger network of domains. Remember, the more traffic Google registers coming from an AdX account, the better the demand and higher the CPMs.

Moreover, joining a larger network can mean additional benefits. For example, when joining WhizzCo’s network, publishers gain access to a number of additional features:

  • Expert guidance with setting up.
  • Dedicated optimization manager making sure that your domain earns as much as it should.
  • An all-in-one, fully transparent platform for all native ad needs.
  • The ability to add more premium demand outside the Google network with open bidding.

All in all, a Volkswagen is great when you just want to get from A to B. When you want to upgrade the experience (and your earnings…) go for the Tesla. And when it comes to AdX, publishers should definitely try to join “a fleet” (the larger, the better) for additional profit and benefits.




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