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What does Vendor Neutral mean anyway?

Vendor Neutral

Have you heard the term vendor-neutral?

Vendor-neutral or vendor-agnostic means not showing a preference for one vendor over another.

What does vendor-neutral mean in native advertising?

…that all content recommendation and native video ad vendors compete for your traffic on a level playing field. The opposite of neutrality is bias.

What does bias mean in native advertising?

It is when one vendor is preferred over another, perhaps due to a guarantee deal or an exclusivity agreement. We’ve written a bunch on the subject…because in a competitive market, bias will lose you money:

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At WhizzCo, we don’t play favorites.

You select which vendors you want to work with and we serve the ads predicted using ML to give you the highest return.

If you are not convinced that you are getting the best return, WhizzCo’s dashboard offers you all the information to compare your vendors apples-to-apples, with standardized measures.



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