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WhizzCo 101: How to work with multiple native ad vendors (to earn higher returns)

Multivendor platform

Wait what? Multiple native ad vendors?

Yes, that’s what WhizzCo does. We have a long and winding list of content recommendation ad vendors from market leaders to niche providers that publishers can pick from as many as they want.

After setting up the selected vendors on their domain (which takes 48 hours tops), our smart ML algorithm goes to work and predicts which of the chosen vendors will deliver the best results for each ad placement.

Based on billions of historical data points WhizzCo’s tech makes accurate predictions as to which native ad vendor will deliver the best results for each and every ad served.

How do I select the best native ad vendors for my domains?

There are plenty of native ad networks and vendors out there – and they are not all equal. Some may do particularly well (or poorly) in certain geos or topic niches. And of course, well, anyone can have a bad day.

What is for sure is that no one vendor (not even the best, biggest, and brightest of them) will generate income best in all your geos and all of your domains, all the time. This is why it’s important to pick the right combination of vendors.

We suggest selecting your vendors by testing a number of them simultaneously, against identical conditions, and closely monitoring and comparing their performance over a few weeks.

How do I test and compare native ad vendors?

This is where it gets exciting. You don’t just want a bunch of rando vendors. You want your domain-specific team of champions.

WhizzCo’s dashboard is a (well okay, the only) tool to closely monitor multiple native ad vendors’ activity in real-time, generate comparative reports, and make educated decisions about ditching or adding vendors to/from the dream team.

multivendor dashboard

The dashboard allows you to compare vendor results using standard parameters – apples to apples – without trying to make sense of charts and data across different platforms. Quite quickly you will see who serves you well – and who does not.

How do I manage multiple native ad vendors simultaneously?

Honestly, the same way you manage just one. As mentioned above, you closely track their performance on a single intuitive platform and make data-driven decisions when it’s time to mix things up.

And when working with WhizzCo, you enjoy reliable, prompt, unified payments from all your vendors. So there is no need to chase various vendors each with a different payment schedule.

How to keep my relationship with my initial vendor(s) going?

Often, high-traffic publishers have developed their relationships and contract conditions with their vendors over years. And the concern that introducing new vendors could hurt that relationship is real. But those vendors are not going anywhere.

Losing an exclusive publisher is a big price to pay for even the biggest vendors. However, if their CPMs are competitive, they will still win the placements. (But when they have a bad day, week or month, the other vendors will step in and fill in the gap in your revenue.)

When working with multiple vendors, you drive competition – which in turn may encourage your vendors to raise CPMs further to keep your traffic, and thus raise your overall revenue.

And you know what’s best about vendors competing for your inventory? When they compete – you’re the one who wins. Each and every time.




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