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WhizzCo welcomes Bill Nolte (CRO) and Pamela Becker (CMO)

With WhizzCo revenue up by 6x in 2020, the company is strengthening its sales and marketing team with experience from CNET, CNN, Google, PubMatic, Taboola, and ironSource

Ramat Gan, Israel, July 7, 2021 – WhizzCo, the company unlocking the content recommendation market to competition, is expanding its sales and marketing team and welcomes Bill Nolte as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) and Pamela Becker as Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Bill joins WhizzCo with two decades of experience, first working for major publishers including CNET and CNN, and then providing development solutions and support to publishers at Google, PubMatic (NASDAQ: PUBM), Taboola (NASDAQ: TBLA), and Jeeng (PowerInbox). With more than a decade of experience in publisher development for a broad range of publisher-centric technology solutions, Bill understands the pains facing publishers in 2021 and is able to tailor technology solutions, services, and support to cost-effectively increase publisher revenue.

“Like the SSP market a decade ago, the native content recommendation market is at a tipping point with publishers demanding an open market,” said Bill Nolte, WhizzCo’s new Chief Revenue Officer. “WhizzCo’s ability to optimize content recommendation enables publishers to gain what is rightfully theirs – the highest rate for their traffic dictated by an open market.”

Pamela comes to WhizzCo with extensive advertising and marketing experience, first at the Israeli office of global advertising agency BBDO, and then for a series of successful digital technology startups, including Midbar Tech (sold to Macrovision), Payoneer (NASDAQ: PAYO), SafeCharge (acquired by Nuvei) and ironSource (NYSE: IS), where Pamela served as the company’s first VP Communications.

For 85% of online ad spend, real-time programmatic bidding increases digital media revenue by enabling fair competition for traffic. However, in the content recommendation space, leading publishers are still forced into rigid contracts with the leading vendors, limiting them to work with one vendor exclusively.

To address these challenges while providing marketers with more opportunities, the WhizzCo Content Recommendation Yield Platform for publishers unlocks the content recommendation space to true competition and provides full transparency via an intuitive, unified dashboard. In this way, WhizzCo empowers publishers to optimize yield, raising revenue by 37.7% on average from content recommendation. This facilitates an increase of $1.15 Billion in publisher revenue in 2021.

“I’m excited to welcome Bill and Pamela to WhizzCo as we ramp up our sales and business development efforts,” said WhizzCo CEO and co-founder Alon Rosenthal. “After increasing publisher revenue by 6x in 2020, we’re expecting stronger growth from a publisher market that won’t settle for leaving 37% of potential revenue on the table.”

About WhizzCo
WhizzCo is transforming the native content recommendation space into a transparent, fair, and competitive ecosystem. By opening publisher inventory to multiple, competing vendors, WhizzCo empowers publishers to harness the best each has to offer with just one integration, thus raising content recommendation revenue by about 37.7%. The company’s proprietary algorithm, a machine learning neural network, predicts the CPM from the 40 content recommendation vendors worldwide, considering geolocation, device, site, widget location, and more, and then serves the ad with the highest predicted CPM. Performance is clearly demonstrated on WhizzCo’s unified and intuitive dashboard. For more information, please visit:

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